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Finding a replacement for a key to your home, car or office is easy. You can simply go to the local hardware store with the key and ask them to make a duplicate. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But the problem that comes with trusting a hardware store technician is that the raw material and the tools they use in key making are not of the highest quality. In fact, some of the keys are so cheap that there is a very good chance that they will break in a matter of months. Those that don’t break start to fail during operation giving you a constant headache.

Key making is an art and not everyone can successfully craft a properly cut key. You should always seek the assistance of an expert if you need new keys or want to duplicate the old ones. Although it would be a bit expensive compared to the hardware store, in the long run, it would be way cheaper than looking for a replacement every single month. An expert will make keys that will last for years.

Hire an expert in key making from South Garden VA Locksmith Store:

South Garden VA Locksmith Store South Garden, VA 804-493-5806Finding an expert can be difficult when every single locksmith firm claims that they have the best locksmiths in town. However, South Garden VA Locksmith Store can confidently make this claim because we have been successfully working in the South Garden, VA for the past 10 years. The key word here is “successfully.” While most of our competitors have shut shop in the past 10 years, we have only thrived thanks to our team of experts who are skilled and experienced enough to take on any kind of locksmith task. Our experts are trained periodically with special emphasis on key making as we get a lot of queries during the day from customers looking for new keys.

Precise key cutting through latest tools:

The major difference in quality between the finishing of a key from a hardware store and an expert locksmith comes entirely from the tools that are used. A hardware store technician majorly uses traditional methods to carve out keys that generally involve using unreliable methods. On the other hand, an expert locksmith, especially someone from South Garden VA Locksmith Store, will use cutting-edge tools to carve out keys that are precisely cut and built to last for years.

Hiring a key making expert for making new keys for your property from South Garden VA Locksmith Store will always be cheaper than getting it made from a hardware store, if you consider the grand scheme of things. Call us today on 804-493-5806 !